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Why Marketing Parties Are So Much Fun

Snyder Group's annual Deck Party brought together an amazing mix of professionals who collectively have us immersed in marketing campaigns including search engine optimization, website design/builds, inbound, content, social and database marketing. As we shrug off the fading summer and head into what will be our 21st year as an advertising and marketing agency,  I look back at a year that has been both dynamic and fast paced.

Five really cool things that have happened since our last Deck Party:

1. January of 2016 Bill Thode joined Snyder Group as Director of Internet Development

2. Office expansion that included renovations and new technology to support in-house development


3. Server Hosting Services expanded with Directory Service Offerings added 

New Call-to-action

4. Kahala Bonsignore and Kaitlin Badolato join Snyder Group as Marketing Specialists

5. Michael Shaker recently brought into the studio adding additional coding bandwidth 


And that's just the icing on the cake. The testament is the amazing work that has come forth over the past 9 months as well as what is manifest in the gathering and fellowship of all our friends and colleagues below. 

The party and the weather just keep getting better. Thanks to all for a great one. Here's to a great wrap on this coming 4th quarter. Seat belts on - 2017 is right around the corner!