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WestJet Father's Day Surprise Will Make You Cry

Yes. Guaranteed.

Few things are more powerful than when a great brand is able to connect on an emotional level with its audience. WestJet has found a way to do this by giving back to its community and documenting it via viral-ready videos. The strategy works for WestJet because it's closely aligned with their brand values:

  • Commitment to safety
  • Positive and passionate in everything we do
  • Appreciative of our People and Guests
  • Fun, friendly and caring
  • Align the interests of WestJetters with the interests of the company
  • Honest, open and keep our commitments

Ok. Here comes the good part.

WestJet worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities to bring the Grimard family together. The family's youngest son, Joel, has been living 300 miles from home while he undergoes longterm treatment for a congenital heart condition. Joel and his mother have been living in Edmonton, Alberta while the father Marc and their older son Mattieu stayed on in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The video posted on YouTube captures the story of how WestJetter Medel Villena trains to replace Saskatoon father Marc Grimard at work so that he could be flown free of charge by WestJet to be reunited for a week with his family.

“As a dad to be able to be close to your sick child — especially when they are away from home — as a parent there is nothing more important,” said Marc. “I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am.”

WestJet has promised to donate one more flight for every 100,000 views to a maximum of 500,000 — potentially reuniting five more families.

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