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Meet Our Summer Hire: Nicolina Guerci, Data Analysis & Tech Support


We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Snyder Group team for the summer, Nicolina Guerci. As a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, Nicolina earned her Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences, specializing in Healthcare Administration, alongside a minor in Accounting. Her academic prowess and hands-on experience make her a fantastic fit for her role here, where she will be assisting with data analysis and technical support.

Before joining us, Nicolina contributed significantly to research projects in UConn's brainLENS lab, where she was involved in pioneering teaching strategies for children facing challenges in reading. Her responsibilities ranged from test administration and data organization to report generation, equipping her with invaluable skills in managing detailed analytical tasks—skills she will now bring to Snyder Group.

This fall, Nicolina will further her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Columbia University. Her long-term professional goals include leveraging her experiences and education in occupational therapy to lead or establish a practice.

During her time at UConn, Nicolina not only excelled academically but also led as a member of the executive board of the Women in Sports club and managed duties at the campus ice rink. Her previous engagement as a customer service intern at Bead Electronics also involved working with Hubspot and collaborating briefly with our team, which has laid a solid groundwork for her upcoming contributions.

Outside of professional pursuits, Nicolina is an avid fan of women’s basketball, often spending her free time cheering on WNBA and college teams. She also enjoys engaging in competitive game nights with friends and catching up on binge-worthy television shows.

Please join us in welcoming Nicolina to the Snyder Group Team! We look forward to her contributions and are excited to support her in her professional journey this summer.