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Top 10 Examples of B2B Companies on Instagram in 2017

 Business-to-Business, that's what it's all about. The services of these B2B companies, from web hosting to graphic design services, are marketed towards other businesses to help them thrive. So how do they get themselves out there? Instagram is a social media platform that is taking over and allowing individuals and businesses to tell their stories simply through pictures and video. By sharing their content, companies can personalize their products and services by showing a fun and creative side to what they do.

B2B may not fit the typical Instagram user profile, but there are some top companies that know how to grab consumer attention and make it work. You'll see how unique and entertaining some of these businesses can be. Want to be inspired? Want to watch videos of employees doing embarassing things? Want to see how cool work can actually be? Keep yourself on the lookout for these B2B Instagram Company accounts and maybe even press that follow button. 

Here's Who Knows What's Up

1. Dolby Laboratories 


This #DolbyArt piece from @studiostudionyc reacts to the world around it.

A post shared by Dolby Laboratories (@dolbylabs) on

Followers: 6,942 

This Instagram account screams cool. Dolby brings sceince and art together to show what it is like to be in their environment- definitely something you want to experience. It's going to be hard to take your eyes off of their colorful and mesmerizing Instagrams, so sit back and enjoy the show. 

2. WeWork


Build something that lasts and share it with us. #wework

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Followers: 126k

Want to feel inspired? Go scroll through WeWork's Instagram. Their beautiful pictures and poetic captions will immediately make your frown turn upside down. Their job is to provide services for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, so giving people hope is in the name of the game. This aesthetically pleasing Instagram page shares their story and will motivate you to always do what you love. 

3. Intel 

Followers: 986k

Intel knows how to work Instagram like the back of their hand. From videos to futuristic designs, Intel knows how to grab their audience's attention and make you feel as if you are right there with them. Intel creates their own personality and emphasizes the importance of culture, making their page something special. After taking a look at this Instagram, you're always going to be left wanting more. 

4. Oracle 

Followers: 89.3k

Join the adventurous Oracle team and gain insight to what they've been up to lately, which is definitely not nothing. Just lookng at their pictures will make you want to get up and get active. They really know how to live life to the fullest, while also make sure to get in that cup of coffee and maybe even a donut on the side (it's always okay to treat yourself). Of course, you'll find the occasional adorable pictures of puppies, delicious food, and breath-taking sunsets. Oracle's Instagram is relatable, turning its account into more of a personal, rather than a business, experience. 

5. IBM

Followers: 146k

IBM sure knows how to work a camera. Their artistic style and innovative designs bring a brand new style to Instagram. The company puts a strong emphasis on thinking: why you're here, how you got here, and what you plan to do. They share their inspiring message all around the world from the office, to sporting events, to the laboratory, and beyond. This Instagram makes the company seem the farthest thing from boring. Don't we all wish we could be that cool?

6. Adobe

Followers: 443k 

No you're not in a museum, you're just looking at Adobe's Instagram page. Their pictures are like something you have never seen before and shine a light on how magical the world can really be. Every post is different from the next, but each share a meaningful message that will inspire you in one way or another. This company has mastered the art of turning something so simple into something extraordinary. 

7. Reddit


🤔😴 #showerthoughts

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Followers: 200k

Reddit is not afraid to have a sense of humor. What could be better than making other people laugh? Their Instagram is here to give you your daily dose of silly while also showing off their creativity. There's nothing people love more than sharing funny pictures with their friends, so hop along the Reddit train and get ready for a good time. 

8. Hootsuite

Followers: 51.5k

Hootsuite has taken over social media and has proved to be one of the most fun places to work. Their strong sense of community and drive for success will leave you wanting to be a part of this special team. Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing everything the group has conquered together and showing what happens on a daily basis. They know how to make time for a little (or a lot) of fun while also getting the job done, and you can see all of this throughout their posts. 

9. MailChimp


London (billboard) calling. 🇬🇧

A post shared by MailChimp (@mailchimp) on

Followers: 54.7k

MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses in order for people to build their brand. While at the same time helping others create their own message, they are also doing a great job sharing theirs. This Instagram offers humor, creativity, and some pretty awesome photography. They have taken full advantage of technology in seemingly effortless way (we all know it's not the easiest thing in the world) and make their brand unforgettable. Oh, and get ready for a lot of pictures of cute little monkeys. 

10. HP

Followers: 741k

Attractive is HP's middle name. Their beautiful and high quality pictures pull in users and generate tons of likes and comments. They have made themselves extremely popular with a total of 741K followers, showing they know what it takes to get their brand out there and thriving. Who wouldn't love to see their amazing experiences? Well, maybe not if you're the jealous type. 


Instagram is really something special. It allows people to share, like, comment, and express who they are. B2B companies have the ability to create a personality and share their message, even if their product isn't the most interesting. There are many strategies to being successful on Instagram, namely knowing your audience and what is trending at the time. There are also some great resources online covering how to use instagram for business to generate more leads. Stop holding back and start building those relationships, which is not as easy to do on other social media platforms.