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The Importance of Landing Page Copy for a High PPC Yield

An essential component of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is having an optimized landing page that targets buyer personas. Oftentimes PPC advertisers focus on ad design or creating an engaging title for the ad - which is necessary; however, once the ad is clicked, the landing page is where conversion takes place. 

In order to increase landing page conversions, the ad copy and content must be highly relevant, engaging, and include clear call to actions (CTAs). At this stage, the visitor should have a seamless experience accessing information they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase your company’s products or services.

Whether your ad directs visitors to your company homepage or a standalone page, make sure that it includes the following five components to convert them to customers:


1. Engaging headline 

A headline on your landing page that attracts attention and captivates visitors is key to keeping people on the page. Make sure the headline provides just enough information to allow the reader to know what your company is about while making them want to learn more.


2. Relevant keywords and phrases

Ensure that your landing page copy includes compelling short-tail and long-tail keywords and phrases that encompass what your company or organization offers. Visitors on your landing page should be able to easily perceive the value in your products or services so they become interested in converting to a customer.


3. Content offers

Your landing page should include downloadable, relevant content in a visible area that visitors can easily access to receive more information about your company. This will help them determine whether your company fits the criteria of what they’re looking for. 

  • Examples of content offers include:
  • E-books
  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Comparison guides

4. Eye-catching call to action

A strong call to action creates a sense of urgency for your leads to want to click on. This gives people who are closest to making a decision (we call them bottom-of-the-funnel leads) an opportunity to act. Whether it be to “receive your free quote” or “schedule an appointment today”, both call for leads to click through to take the immediate action that they are looking for. 

5. A/B Testing


Creating two versions of landing pages can help boost paid media efforts as it allows for strategic testing to see which generates the most conversions. Certain variables such as text, calls to action, or layout design can affect which winning landing page you choose to continue to run throughout the campaign. A well thought out A/B testing plan, and the analysis of performance metrics help establish an effective marketing strategy for future campaigns.

A high converting landing page should offer more than just an appealing design or subjective ideas of what simply “looks good”. Ensuring that landing page copy includes these five important components will help maximize the effectiveness of your paid media budget.