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The Best Ticketing System Plugins for WordPress in 2018

Customer support is essential for your business’s success. However, finding a WordPress compatible plugin for your ticket system can be a challenge. We have taken out the guesswork, and narrowed down to the best ticketing system WordPress plugins for you.

Help Scout

Help Scout is one of the leading customer service support softwares available for companies who conduct business online. Its seamless WordPress integration encourages productivity and keeps everyone on your team (internally and externally) on the same page. This includes: automated actions; the ability to send bulk replies; the means to tag tickets according to conversions cues. Plus, Help Scout allows you to add notes and @mentions at users to collaborate privately.

Help Scout Convo | Snyder Group Inc
Photo courtesy of Help Scout

For reporting purposes, think of Help Scout as your “eye in the sky” because of the helpful team performance analytics they provide. Keep a close watch on trends, prevent future issues, and monitor customer satisfaction all in one place.


Basic features for UVdesk include ticket administration, task management, email management, and multi-channel support. UVdesk allows customers to easily create tickets; while allowing companies to manage, reply to, and report on those tickets effortlessly. UVdesk offers tagging options, priority status selections, and labeling choices to create better workflows. Not only can you assign agents to specific tickets, but you can add private, internal notes and forward replies to another agent for better management.

UVdesk | Snyder Group Inc
Photo courtesy of UVdesk


Zendesk is another popular ticketing system and customer support tool for businesses that also works well with WordPress-based websites. This system allows for seamless tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. You can customize your Zendesk support with workflows, apps, and integrations, or you can use it “right out of the box”.

Zendesk | Snyder Group Inc.
Photo courtesy of Zendesk

When it comes to analytics, Zendesk Support gives you insights so you can measure and improve your customer service. Learn what customers are thinking with rating systems, and get analytics on response times and other important trackable features.


If you are looking for an affordable customer support software that allows interactive ticketing and tracking, look no further than freshdesk. Freshdesk provides an easy way to keep track of customers by converting all conversations into tickets, and allowing agents to easily track, response, and report on those tickets.

Freshdesk | Snyder Group Inc.
Photo courtesy of freshdesk

One thing to consider is that Freshdesk charges you monthly as well as by how many agent accounts you have. However, it provides invaluable data with regard to ticket feedback and insights on customer interactions.

With so many options, it is important to find the best ticketing system WordPress plugin for your business and your customer’s needs. Whether you go with one of these, or another option, remember: customer support and customer satisfaction are the keys to your success.

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