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Snyder Group Named HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner

For Snyder Group, becoming a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner with the premier marketing automation platform is a big deal, even for a business that has seen a lot of change since its founding. When we first opened our doors more than 24 years ago, a rumor was circulating that Al Gore had just invented a thing called the internet. Many of our other HubSpot Partner agencies will not remember that one. Nor will they remember the multitude of non-digital advertising and marketing mediums that were employed, prior to the internet.

As of this writing, Snyder Group is the only Connecticut HubSpot Platinum Agency. In the HubSpot Partner Directory when someone is searching for a Connecticut HubSpot agency, yep that’s us. We work best with organizations in need of lead generation and conversion programs, particularly in health, higher education, manufacturing and technology. Our full-funnel approach to promoting sales spans digital media as well as organic content marketing platforms, encompasses inbound marketing, advertising, and sales and marketing consulting. For more on how to get the most out of the HubSpot Partner Directory check out this blog from Tim Dearlove who was one of our very first HubSpot Channel Consultants.

How does an advertising and marketing agency become a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner? There are a variety of performance metrics that folks at HubSpot monitor, including customer retention, HubSpot platform engagement, inbound program successes, and number of clients utilizing the HubSpot platform. They even have a “Customer Happiness Indicator (CHI - my favorite) which meshes together all of the factors for an overall score.

How did Snyder Group get here? Plain and simple, digital marketing is where our clients are getting the most traction for their marketing dollars. We use and recommend HubSpot tools because they work the best. Ultimately, we are grateful and give thanks to our clients for this promotion from a long-standing (and happy) HubSpot Gold Partner to now a Platinum Partner. Bottom line, what this means for us is that we’ll keep doing our job of executing our clients’ marketing programs to the highest standards.