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PSA Advertising that Works Hard by Having Fun

Doing good by having fun. What could be better? To follow is a really great example of a PSA that works hard to communicate a public service message as well as turn many a smile.

It's boating season. My favorite time. Note the use of lifejackets on the recently released Norwegian spot that does an incredibly charming job of communicating the message of "do not drink while boating".

Understanding your "buyer persona" and how to speak to them becomes crystal clear in this spot. Docking a boat for a boater is either a win or lose situation.  And there are few things more embarassing to a boater than messing up taking the dock. Tapping into this emotion, the PSA successfully delivers the importance of safe, sober boating in a lighthearted yet meaninful communication. 

Making your audience smile also has its benefits. Posted to "Powerboat fans and friends," this PSA received over 2 million Facebook views and nearly 34,000 shares in the first few days.  Already a series is in the making!

It's important to note that good work begets good results relative to return on investment. While this boating spot took approximately a week to produce, it's media costs were minimal, having been released simply as an online video, but its reach has been off the charts. CLICK BELOW!


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