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Pinterest Introduces More Business Oriented Features

Up until recently, Pinterest has flown under the radar when it comes to social media sites. Basically an online pinboard, the website allowed users to make pins about their interests. The user is able to create multiple boards and follow other users or other boards. While many companies did not initially use Pinterest for business needs, more and more are utilizing the online pinboard for marketing purposes. Pinterest is responding to this increased usage by introducing features that make the site more marketing and advertising friendly.

The most recent feature is the updated follow button. The updated follow button is for businesses and brands, but it doesn’t just take users straight to your Pinterest page. Instead, a preview pops up that allows them to see your brand’s most recent pins. By not navigating people away from your website itself, the updated follow button allows users to see what kind of pins they would be seeing if they followed your brand. Obviously companies would want to drive traffic towards their site and not away from it, and Pinterest product manager Jason Costa realizes this, stating, “Your visitors won’t ever have to leave your website to follow you.” Essentially, the new follow button provides a sense of synergy with a company and Pinterest. Users aren’t driven away from a company’s website, but at the same time, Pinterest is building up usage on it’s own site as well.

Snyder Group Inc. is recently getting more involved with Pinterest. Catering to B2B as well as B2C marketing, it’s a valuable social media tool to have. Check us out here.