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Out With the Old, In With the New: The Transition from Outbound to Inbound

As surprising as it is, yes, there are still some businesses out there that use cold calling as their primary method of marketing. If sitting at a desk and bothering people is your cup of tea, then by all means, go for it. Chances are though, you’ll either get a cold response, told not to call again, or if you’re really lucky, hung up on. The reality is that people don’t like to be bothered about things they are not consciously in the market for - if they want something, they’ll come to you. As technology is evolving more and more everyday, the methods of inbound marketing are becoming more prominent. To follow, some outdated methods followed by their newer counter parts that will make you wonder why someone would actually choose to stick to the old ways.

1) Direct mail: For those people who actually do check their mailboxes daily (and by mailbox I mean the thing in front of their house, not their Gmail app), it’s filled with bills that are paid online anyways and some pointless papers that are barely glanced at before being tossed in the trash. So basically, your “marketing” is going straight into the garbage without a second thought.

  • The new way: Segmented email lists. People are more likely not to just open the email, but actually read it. By offering information that’s relevant to the person, you’re more likely to turn them into a lead.

2) Cold calling: It’s never a good time, so why bother asking? It’s hard to think this outdated method of marketing was ever really accepted, let alone effective.

  • The new way: Realistically, a lot of interaction between you and the costumer is through email. Leave out the phone calls until you’ve secured a definite lead that will turn into a conversion.

3) Print ads: This method is still somewhat effective when done right. However, slowly but surely, digital is taking over print. Newspapers, magazines, and books are all available online and the ease of use through technology trumps having a physical copy in your hand.

  • The new way: Online ads – people are online all day, so the best way to reach them is through the Internet. Depending on their searches and interests, relevant ads can have a big effect. Potential leads are more likely to click through to an ad that actually relates to what they’re searching for.

With technology changing, now is the time to consider inbound marketing if you haven’t already done so. Outbound marketing won’t go away, but it can be integrated effectively into and inbound platform. Ultimately inbound is more efficient and effective. It’s clear why many businesses are making the switch.