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Respond to Responsive. Snyder Group Tackles Mobile and Responsive Websites

Norwalk Parking Authority's Mobile Website

More and more users are now requiring the development of a mobile version of their website. The use of responsive web design has become part of the processhere at Snyder Group Inc. The tactic of taking a traditional, fixed width or even fixed column website and creating a mobile friendly version is not always the easiest. However, the final product is as useful as the website itself. Norwalk Parking Authority recently had The Group undertake a web version of their website, including quick and easily accessible links, as well as the ever useful MTA – Metro North Railroad - schedule.

“Having an all-access website makes the Parking Authority’s site an even more valuable tool so that the community, businesses and visitors to Norwalk are better informed about where and how to park,” said Parking Authority executive director Kathryn Hebert in a release.

Check out the video below or click here and watch how this video introduces and gives a great graphical representation of what “responsive web design” is, and how it affects the design process here at Snyder Group. While you’re at it, pull up Norwalk Parking Authority’s new mobile site on your phone at