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Marketing to Millennials and How You’re Doing It Wrong

As a 21-year-old college grad, I’m constantly exposed to marketing, whether it’s through the radio during my morning commute or through sponsored ads on my Twitter feed. Most of the time I completely ignore these marketing campaigns, but there are the rare occurrences when one actually catches my attention. However, it’s not often, and I’m sure that I’m one of the many members of Generation Y that experiences this. In today’s society, with technology evolving everyday, it can be hard for businesses to adapt their marketing and constantly keep up. However, with Generation Y being as big as it (over 80 million), it’s crucial to adjust your marketing and target our generation better. Here’s how:

1. Be Where We Are. I’ll be honest, if you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, you’re not reaching us. Us millennials may be glued to our IPhones constantly, but why not use that to your advantage? If you really want to target Generation Y, it’s almost necessary to have a presence on social media. Even if it’s not a huge one, it’s worth it. Having a social media presence shows us that you’re relevant, and that’s important.

2. Don’t Take Advantage of Us. It’s a common misconception that many people in our generation don’t care about much other than choosing an Instagram filter or tweeting their every move. Don’t get me wrong, there are people like that out there, but many of us actually do use our smartphones for other things (shocking, I know). Having constant access to information, whether its through friends or the Internet, allows us to get the information we want very quickly. Before I consider buying anything, I make sure to research it, ask my friends about it, and read online reviews. This being said, a lot of marketing today aims to catch our attention, but not tell us what a certain product can do to improve our busy, fast-paced lives. So, if you’re trying to sell us something, just sell it. Be straightforward. If we want it, we’ll buy it, and if we don’t, we won’t.

3. Make It Easy. Our attention spans are short, and if it takes too long, you’ve lost us. Catch our attention, be clear, and make it easy for us to follow through. This especially applies to looking for and buying things online. Buying something in person has almost become a chore, and if we’re able to do it online, we prefer it that way. However, if it’s not clear exactly what you’re selling, we’re on to the next one.

Even though the ways of reaching us has evolved, quality and service still matter. Growing up with constant technological advances has us expecting the best from whatever we choose to buy. It can be hard to adjust your tried and true methods of marketing to target this generation, but it’s worth it.

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