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It’s Almost Valentines Day: Let’s Remind Ourselves Why We Love Inbound Marketing

Show your audience some love this Valentines Day weekend. What do we mean by that? As we all know, traditional marketing methods included cold calling and in-your-face emails. Oftentimes this would drive much-desired prospects away due to overload rather than building valuable relationships. Did we say relationships? Okay, perhaps not that kind, but if you think about it, every connection you make with another person is important, especially in the business world.

 Growing your network is crucial to gaining new leads, making others aware of your expertise in a certain vertical, and furthering any company—however, it does not have to be so overreaching. We love inbound marketing (and choose to specialize in it) because, simply put, it is easier on people with whom we want to form great relationships. It is more likable, and, well, you want to be likable, don’t you? It inspires them to come to us and does not make them feel like—and ultimately react as though—they are being chased after (by a whole lot of unwanted attention).

 As so-called “new age” marketers, we have to get rid of the misconception that we are the telemarketers of the olden days (otherwise, people will naturally tend to put up walls). We are here to help, not to be bothersome, and if by helping other brands in turn helps our own, so be it. That should be seen as bonus. We are no longer just out for ourselves. Marketing is a two-way street. We want people to truly value whatever we are offering them, whether it be tips and advice from our blogs, substantial creative work, or consulting straight from a passionate team that shows it is sincerely invested.

 So with the digital world upon us and always growing, what is the best way to show current customers or future clients a little love these days? Show them why we love inbound marketing—give them what they want, give them what they need. Give them something useful (and don’t bombard them with it). Remember, the whole point of the inbound strategy game is to entice people to come to you. From there, you can work to grow these relationships with great potential. Or, since it is a holiday… you could give them a little break and give them fewer notifications.

 Research has shown for a long time now that some times are better to advertise than others. Content may be key, but keep in mind that for improved reach it’s best to stick to days/times that are not getting in the way of life, and that maintain a fair posting frequency (as in, keep to a schedule that prevents people from forgetting about you, but be careful not to do too much, either. Find your balance). Seamlessness and treating your new friends exceptionally well…that is the ultimate goal here. They will thank you in the long run, as these other businesses will want to make you more a part of their lives, as well.