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Case Study: 89%+ Conversion Rates for Sacred Heart University


Sacred Heart University is a Division I, private educational institution located in Fairfield, Connecticut, and home to over 8,500 students from 30+ countries. SHU boasts over 80 academic programs, including 30 graduate degree programs, and 40,500+ alumni.

The Challenge

Snyder Group was tasked with developing a comprehensive inbound marketing program for SHU's Graduate Schools. Key to this was building new ways to capture prospective students at the middle-of-the-funnel who visited SHU's website, but were not yet ready to contact an Admissions Counselor.

  • Student Lead Conversion Rate 89%
  • Student Contact Retention Rate 98.54%

The Solution

Data suggests that the majority of prospective higher education students are conducting research online before ever contacting admissions. New visitors to a higher education website will not submit a "contact admissions" form on their first visit. In fact, visitors to higher education sites have been spending less and less time during their visits— and visiting fewer pages [Oho].

Knowing this, Snyder Group partnered with SHU's marketing team to develop educational content that their student personas would find valuable. The majority of this middle of the funnel content was created in the form of downloadable ebooks. These gave new visitors a way to learn more about SHU and move further down their decision making process without having to talk to an admissions counselor yet.



 Visit to New Contact Student Lead Conversion Rates


To capture contact information from prospective students who were interested in graduate programs, but were not yet ready to talk to an admissions counselor, Snyder Group created five eBook content offers. New student contacts were segmented and enrolled in marketing automation workflows to further qualify and convert into admissions leads.

“When someone moves into the middle of your funnel, it means you’ve captured their attention. They know they have a problem that has to be solved, and now they’re trying to discover the best solution.”


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