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HubSpot - More Than Landing Pages and Calls-To-Action

When Snyder Group went to market for an inbound marketing platform, we went from being a shoemaker’s son who thought he needed new shoes to a shoemaker’s son who really needed to learn how to walk. We had already worked with other marketing platforms (Pardot and Marketo) so we had first hand application experience - we had worn the shoes. And at the time we were not quite sure what all the fuss was about surrounding landing pages where visitors had to provide their information in return for content. No great great shakes here.

What HubSpot did for us was to connect our core disciplines of marketing strategy with inbound methodology – it was a perfect fit. Discovering that landing pages and content offers were only one small ingredient of an overall methodology of limitless strategic and creative opportunities got our juices flowing. Once again, it was confirmed for us that content without strategy is, well, content.

At 18 plus years of business we’re not drinking any kool aid here. What we are buying into is a methodology that is built upon what we have always held true in our hearts… connecting content with strategy that drives results.


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