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This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Digital Marketing

This just in. Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is contemplating buying 70% of its digital advertising programmatically. What is programmatic media buying? There are a lot of different definitions, however it is most often referred to as media selling/buying, like Google, for whatever the ad space is worth at a given moment in time. In short - buying specific audiences with a few mouse clicks to drive data to purchase the right ad, the right audience, at the right time.

So what does that mean when one of the big guys like P&G contemplates a strategic move like putting the majority of its digital spend into this process? It is shaking the media planning and buying market and the souls brave enough to navigate it. A recent Advertising Age discusses this. (link to

P&G is one of the biggest media buyers out there with $235 million (of its $3.2 billion total budget) on measured internet display advertising. That's a lot of soap, toilet paper and toothpaste web banners, and whole lot of media spend to put on auto pilot. While there are still differing opinions surrounding the effectiveness of programmatic media buying, one thing is for sure: this is yet another strong signal that the targeting and tracking of digital advertising as a mainstream media buy is growing stronger by the moment.

What is programmatic ad buying?

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