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Following the Buyer’s Journey Into 2018.

In keeping with the Christmas season, we find ourselves moving through the holidays and last weeks of 2017 preparing. This preparation anticipates and offers opportunities for growth. We know with certainty that what was clicking for digital advertisers in 2017 and 2018 will continue to evolve and grow.

Case in point, an advertising and marketing agency that was founded pre-internet now has as many developers on staff as graphic artists. The network engineers, once the quiet guys keeping us up and running and managing server hosting services, are starting to blog. Account teams, the friendly face and voice of the agency, now also operate digital dashboards to report on essential real-time marketing performance data. But I digress...

2017 was the biggest year yet for digital marketing. Growing and evolving beyond previous years it continues to transform the way businesses market and sell. Take note broadcast agencies, digital media spend surpasses TV spend in 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 2.37.15 PM.png

So yes, digital marketing is killing it. Snyder Group continues to evolve and the more we learn the more we understand that like with any marketing “tool”, digital marketing is as effective as the skills of the user. What continues to transform and grow the effectiveness of our digital marketing is the access to massive amounts of data it provides. Using this data lets us know what appeals to buyers and where a specific buyer is on their purchasing path. The net: strategies that are effectively impact our client’s buyers all along their buying journey.

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As we journey into 2018, the more we learn about the buyer’s journey relative to the media strategies we’re employing, the more effective those media strategies become. Another benefit we’ve discovered through this intelligence is that it helps us provide solid support and rationale for why a specific media strategy works against a set of objectives. This further helps accurately set and manage campaigns – and ultimately our client expectations. And here’s the really good news. It all makes perfectly rational sense. If a buyer is not searching for something, they need to first be made aware of it prior to consideration and purchase.

Follow the buyer’s journey into 2018. The more we see, understand, respond to and report on the buyer’s “who, what, and where”, the more we will continue to propel digital marketing through 2018 and beyond.