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Fashion & Marketing: The Benefits of Inbound in a Fast-Paced Industry

It’s no secret that many industries are switching from outbound to inbound in terms of marketing. Whether the companies are huge finance tycoons or small non-profits, more and more people are realizing that inbound is the way to go. The fashion industry is no exception. However, one thing setting this industry apart from the rest is the constant change and evolution involved in it. Granted, this is apparent in all industries to an extent, but in the fashion industry it is constant. New trends and styles evolve rapidly and go away just as quickly. Another important factor to note about the uniqueness of the fashion industry is that it caters to people of all levels. There are brands ranging from the high-end luxury type to the buyer shopping on a tight budget. Because of this, inbound marketing is especially important for fashion brands – building a solid consumer base following through social media and other inbound strategies.

It is important for fashion brands to grasp the concept of offering just their products to build a loyal following. Any person can walk into a store, purchase the product, and walk out. With styles and trends changing as fast as they do, the brand needs to offer more to the consumer and engage them – a key to the inbound marketing strategy. Social media especially can be helpful when it comes to this. Consumers can interact with the brand and other consumers through various social media outlets and voice their opinions on current products, what they would like to see in the future, and their overall costumer satisfaction. Utilizing this can give the brand an advantage – it is getting first hand feedback from loyal customers, allowing it to improve, grow, and ultimately increase sales.

Going further, fashion brands can expand their database by publishing relevant content on their website and social media outlets. Blogging is an important way to go about this. Loyal consumers will value content about the brand’s inventory, insider knowledge of upcoming trends, and helpful fashion advice. These consumers already see the brand’s products as something valuable, so producing relevant content to compliment that just takes it one step further. In addition to this, fashion brands can host special offers to acquire new leads. A discount on a hot new item or a free accessory giveaway are things that people would be willing to sign up for. The new contacts gained by these kinds of offers are great leads to market to in the future because these people have a definite interest in your brand.

The benefits of using inbound marketing methodologies in the fashion industry are very clear. Because this industry is one that changes constantly, inbound strategies can help brands keep their consumer base while at the same time keep up to date with what’s new and coming. These are both crucial factors to the success of the company. As more and more fashion companies realize the importance of this kind of marketing, it will be interesting to see how the fashion industry benefits as a whole.