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CBBB Holdings Welcomes The Snyder Group

Wilton, CT (January 19, 2023) - - CBBB Holdings, an investment holding company, has added Snyder Group Inc. to its portfolio of small synergistic businesses. Snyder Group, one of the first in a new investment portfolio, will be the cornerstone of CBBB’s digital marketing services arm. Snyder Group was chosen for its longstanding business tenure spanning more than 25 years, as well as its current success record in data-driven digital marketing programs. 
“My partner, Charles Roth, and I have long thought about how to scale Snyder Group to better serve our clients. CBBB provides that resource,” says David Snyder, Snyder Group founder and senior advisor. “I look forward to working with CBBB as they take Snyder Group to the next level of marketing service delivery. I also look forward to supporting Charles in his expanding leadership role as President of Snyder Group.”
“CBBB is excited and proud to bring onboard Snyder Group,” says CBBB President Krystof Bartos. “David, Charles, and the team have built an extraordinary company with a service delivery that has stood the test of time. Our focus is not on changing this success track but rather on scaling it. As part of the CBBB family, the opportunities and benefits for Snyder Group, the organization, its employees, and its clients alike, become even more expansive.”
Headquartered in lower Fairfield County, a commuter community of New York City and corporate headquarters to Fortune 500 companies, Snyder Group serves regional, national and international clients in industries that include manufacturing, technology, life sciences and education. Founded over 26 years ago as a traditional advertising and marketing agency, Snyder Group has evolved into a leading data-driven digital marketing services firm. 
CBBB Holdings. is a holding company with footprints in Europe and the United States. The company specializes in driving growth by aggregating and developing synergistic small and medium sized businesses.