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Case Study: Private School Achieved +164% Conversion in Form Submissions


Eagle Hill School (EHS) in Greenwich, Connecticut is a private school that gives students with language-based learning differences the academic tools, self-confidence, and self-advocacy skills they need to thrive in and outside of the classroom. Founded in 1975, EHS has a longstanding tradition of providing a full, rewarding school experience along with a personally tailored curriculum that sets its students up for success.

  • Online Conversion Rate +164%
  • Social Media Interactions 46%
  • Blog Content Pageviews 334%


In 2020, EHS sought to establish a data-driven marketing strategy that would help them with lead generation. This strategy would attract applicants as well as support their donor outreach efforts. Their primary goals were to earn more marketing contacts, have higher attendance at their virtual open houses, and increase their website traffic.

Already equipped with a forward-thinking Marketing team, a bright, engaging website, a solid following on social media, and a robust contact database, what remained was putting these pieces together in an effective, overarching strategy that covered every pipeline.


Snyder Group proposed both organic and paid media plans which were leveraged in tandem to bolster their awareness efforts. In order to support these tactics, EHS was onboarded onto a marketing automation platform for content creation, database management, lead conversion, and overarching analytics.

Organic efforts included a content production strategy and web optimizations. Content production included a twice-monthly blog, a monthly newsletter, posts on social media, and general email templates for donor outreach and event announcements. Web optimizations enhanced their digital real estate by making their CTAs and forms stickier. Paid media included strategies for Google Ads and Facebook Ads to raise awareness around upcoming open house events.


As a result of their efforts, EHS achieved capacity enrollment, even during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of calls made to admissions, application submissions, viewbook downloads, and open house attendances was tracked from the start of the partnership, giving the Admissions and Marketing departments at EHS a straightforward means of identifying and nurturing prospective parents and students. Attendance of Open House and other online events increased substantially in a year-over-year review.

Through clear, comprehensive reporting, Snyder Group was able to maintain a level of transparency that demonstrated the value of digital media and empowered EHS to reallocate their spend from print. Furthermore, visibility into what was working and wasn’t enabled them to optimize their media plan and eliminate initiatives that were unable to provide the same ROI. This in turn informed content publication, determining what blog topics were covered and what copy was leveraged in ads.

From optimizations made to their existing web copy and the establishment of a posting cadence to the creation of landing pages and email campaigns that matched their existing style guide, EHS was able to leverage several conversion points to achieve outstanding results in a year over year review.