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Best in Creative Data: 5 Winning Ideas from Cannes Lions International Festival 2015

Back in 2014, Forbes predicted that big data technology and services will grow from $14.26 billion to $23.76 billion in 2016, which would result in more businesses using technology as a competitive advantage for growth and even greater innovation. Today, as we are beginning to witness the predicted expansion of data-driven innovation firsthand, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015 celebrated this exciting trend during their annual ad awards for the first time ever by unveiling their latest category – Creative Data Lions.

Below are 5 inspirational winning ideas from the Creative Data category that have successfully used creative data as a driving force for positive change in the world and in their business: 

1. “Netflix Data” by Netflix

Inspired by the idea of launching their service in France, Netflix developed a creative data-driven tool called Topics Model to identify a unique branding opportunity in the area. During this process, two years of digital conversation data was analyzed, providing them with enough information to become more familiar with the modern French beliefs and values. Thanks to these discoveries, their launch was a tremendous success - reaching over 120 million contacts in the first week and averaging 29,000 Netflix followers a day! 

2. “SOS SMS” by Mexican Red Cross (Cruz Roja Mexicana)

Casually attending more than 3,000 emergencies a day, Mexican Red Cross had been longing for an opportunity to change the process in place for aiding emergency victims. Lack of immediate access to medical records made it difficult to aid victims in time – resulting in 5% of these cases ending in death. So what was their creative data solution? A mobile campaign called “SOS SMS”. Mobile residents of Mexico were encouraged to upload their information into the Red Cross database by replying to a message or entering it into the website. This linked their cell phone number to their medical information, making it easier for EMTs to retrieve it on site. 

How It Works

  1. An EMT dials “S-O-S” on the victim’s mobile device to retrieve medical records
  2. Information is received within seconds
  3. EMT can quickly save a victim’s life

Through their efforts 3,000 people attended the SOS SMS pre-launch, 40% of them agreeing to submit their information. With exciting progress already coming to fruition, Mexican Red Cross now aspires to reach over 80% of mobile users in Mexico by the end of the year and thanks to creative data, the possibilities are endless!

3. “Your Year.” By Nike+

Nike, the world’s leading athletic brand, has teamed up with Apple to enhance the traditional exercise experience with a smart-tracking device called Nike+. Using creative data, they were able to truly take it to the next level by recording every mile run, minute trained, and fuel point earned by members. While it did suffice in innovation, Nike+ desired more – a unique method that challenged individuals to go the distance in their workouts, and with that in mind a brilliant solution came to light – “Your Story”. In the form of a one-minute long animated video, 100,0000 personalized little packages of motivation were delivered to mobile devices around the world containing a years worth of physical data collected. As a result, it engaged members and motivated many other individuals to strive for a better workout experience each and every time. 

4. “Melanoma Likes Me” by Melanoma Patients Australia

When Melanoma Patients Australia was seeking a way to reach out to Australia, home of the “Sunshine Coast”, they turned to creative data to make a splash with their campaign, “Melanoma Likes Me”. Over 1,500 Australians die from melanoma every year, and it’s considered most lethal for those in the 15 – 30 age range. So how did they engage with this hard-to-reach audience? Meet _melanoma, a social media account that uses a real time response tool and API endpoints to respond to melanoma triggering hash tags and geo-locations. The system used comments as a way to connect with individuals at their most vulnerable in developing skin cancer. With this account, Melanoma Likes Me provided simple information on how to check for the disease while also using creative data to bring awareness to those who need it most.

5. “Moving Words” by Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance strives to show their support in everything we do: buying our first home, our first automobile, and for some in Chicago, their first marathon. In attempts to take it one step further with creative data, they developed “Moving Words”, the first social media experience of its kind that allows marathon runners to engage in real-time dialogue with their family and friends while on the run.

How It Works

  1. Each runner’s race bid included an RFID tag used to track the following:
  • Speed
  • Course location
  • Performance
  1. A custom algorithm was translated to Facebook, accurately reflecting the emotions of the runner so family and friends can chime in with encouraging words.
  2. Contributions from their loved ones were displayed on LED screens, to motivate them during the exact moment they needed it most 

Those moving words of encouragement went a very long way - over 80,000 comments generated from friends and family, 520,000,000 impressions in 6 hours, and most importantly, it empowered even more runners to cross the finish line in 2015 than in any other Chicago marathon!

As the creative data movement continues to transform the way we view data and apply it to our everyday lives, consider the infinite ways innovative ideas like these could also help your business grow!

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