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An Animated Picture is Worth a Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words then an animated one is worth at least a million. Animated GIF's, around since the dawn of the internet, have seen a resurgence in recent years in everything from meme's to high art and business. If you're not entirely sure what an "Animated GIF" is, it's just a series of still image frames encoded into a single file. The real power of these little clips is in their simplicity. Through an endless animated loop, they're able to become a powerful means of expression and communication. In short, a VERY powerful tool to have in your marketing toolbox.

See below for a great example of how Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg, of previous cinemegraphs fame, teamed up to illustrate the craftsmanship in Dogfish Head's new strawberry-and-honey-flavored Tweason'ale. Animated GIF's at their very best.










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