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9 Examples of Successful College TikTok Accounts

In the digital age, colleges and universities are constantly exploring new avenues to market their programs and connect with prospective students. One platform that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among younger audiences is TikTok. With its short-form video content, TikTok offers a unique opportunity for institutions to showcase their culture, values, and the vibrancy of campus life in a way that resonates with Gen Z. Here are 9 successful TikTok accounts from colleges that have mastered the art of TikTok, ensuring their message not only reaches but also engages their target audience.

1. Leverage Pop Culture and Trends

Baylor University's success on TikTok can be attributed to their adept use of viral audios and pop culture moments. By staying abreast of the latest trends, they've managed to spotlight student life and express school spirit in a way that appeals to the TikTok audience​.

2. Highlight Your Campus in Unique Ways

Louisiana State University uses TikTok to showcase its rich campus traditions and athletic achievements, demonstrating the importance of highlighting what makes each institution unique and exciting​.

3. Upgrade Your Campus Tours

Harvard capitalizes on TikTok's short-form video content by giving prospective students a fast and fresh tour of their campus. Highlighting interesting facts about your university in a personable way creates curiosity and makes prospective students more likely to learn more.

4. Focus on Strengths like Athletics

Auburn University leverages its strong athletic programs, featuring notable athletes and sporting events, to engage fans and highlight the vibrancy of their athletic community​.


Suddenly we’re emotional… 🧡🦅 #wareagle auburnu

♬ original sound - Auburn University

5. Ride the Wave of TikTok Trends

The University of Florida became a TikTok sensation by creatively adapting popular trends to resonate with their student body's experiences, such as needing UF gear and signage, demonstrating the power of trendjacking with a unique twist​.

6. Bank on Legacy and Community Spirit

The Ohio State University taps into its longstanding traditions and community spirit, with content that emphasizes their campus culture and historic legacy, engaging alumni and prospective students alike​.

7. Balance Professionalism with Relatability

Colorado State University strikes a perfect balance between professional, high-quality content and relatable, humorous posts. This dual approach caters to a wider audience by showcasing both the beauty of the campus and the relatable aspects of student life​.

8. Create a Sense of Community

The University of Wyoming focuses on creating a sense of community by featuring interviews with students and tips on campus life. This strategy not only showcases the university but also fosters a virtual community among viewers​.

9. Target Niche Audiences

The University of San Francisco takes a niche approach by focusing on prospective students with its admissions account, offering a deep dive into the admissions process and providing valuable insights that cater directly to their target audience's needs and questions​.


Felicidades a la clase de 2023! Que suena la banda 🥁 🎥alyssa & andrea #usfca #universityofsanfrancisco #banda #quesdilla

♬ original sound - University of San Francisco

Colleges and universities venturing into TikTok marketing can learn much from these examples. Whether it's leveraging pop culture, engaging in community-building activities, or highlighting unique campus traditions, the key is to stay authentic and true to your institution's identity while being creative and adaptive to the platform's trends. By doing so, higher education institutions can not only reach but also deeply engage with the next generation of students.

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