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9 Examples of Creative B2B Video Marketing

When you think of business to business, or B2B, marketing, what comes to mind first? One company's stodgy services or products being strategically presented and then sold to another company? Sure. But this is a simplistic way to look at a B2B transaction. In reality, B2B marketing can be just as entertaining and enticing as B2C marketing (business to consumer). It's about time that creativity is implemented within B2B marketing– whether that's through social media or advertising. For example, B2B marketers are leveraging digital media, specifically videos, to grab the attention of their particular buyer persona, which just happens to be another business. 

Check out these 9 examples of effective B2B marketing through videos:

1. HubSpot- Just like "America runs on Dunkin," many marketing agencies run on HubSpot. This video is nothing fancy. But the mock break-up monologue is the perfect way to subtly mention all the services that HubSpot's inbound marketing software provides. As their saying suggests, the message here is that your business should use HubSpot "for the love of marketing."  

2. Grasshopper- This clip explains the whole premise of grasshopper's services as "the virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs" in just 2 minutes. The cute cartoon figures are a nice visual so that the narrator's sales pitch feels more like a story than an advertisement. 

3. Volvo- This Volvo Trucks ad quickly went viral and proved that B2B marketing can capitalize on "shock factor" just like B2C ads. "The Epic Split" may be extreme but, as a live test, it's a clear appeal to concerned truck buyers who are looking for the highest quality and safest products.

4. Squarespace- This video takes the viewer on a step-by-step product journey to highlight 1) how easy their content management system is to use, and 2) how integral a clean, easy-to-navigate website is to growing your business. The idea of managing a site and/or blog can be daunting to a business owner. Squarespace's aesthetically pleasing video not only makes you hungry, it also reduces the anxiety surrounding site managament. 

5. Dissolve- It's always refreshing when an business uses dry humor and realism to sell their services. Which is exactly what this video for Dissolve, a stock footage and photography site, does. This sarcastic commercial shows just how witty B2B marketing can be. 

This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve from Dissolve on Vimeo.

6. Eloqua- This quirky animated video is part of a series that takes the viewer on a journey from the "Dark Ages of Marketing" (think email blasts) to "Modern Marketing." The theme uniting all four "episodes" is that Eloqua is the automated marketing expert and your business can trust them to bring "revenue riches to the kingdom" and "unite the providences of marketing and sales." 

7. VeriSign- This VeriSign ad uses the comedic "shopping cart whisperer" character as a way to emphasize its expertise in ecommerce. Again, humor works in advertising not only in B2C sales but B2B as well. Just because it's B2B does not mean it has to be boring. 

8. Intel- Intel was smart in employing a recognizable and lovable TV personality in their ad series. The evolution of the Internet through the decades is something that business owners, both old and new, can appreciate. This ad shows how Intel has grown and adapted to maintain frontrunner status in the tech world. 

9. Schneider Electric- This video hilariously captures how large the scope of Schneider Electric's business is.  As a "global specialist" in energy management and automation, this ad shows the power and influence that just one "lowly" facility manager can have.