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8 Valentine’s Day Card Campaigns to Inspire Your Marketing

Whether you give chocolate, flowers or nothing to your Valentine this year, chances are you’ll most likely buy a card. In fact, Valentine’s Day rates among the top holidays for sending cards, second only to Christmas. But while it might be a no brainer for greeting card companies to sell their cards, they do, nonetheless advertise. Read on for a look at some of our favorite card company ads featuring the Valentine’s day holiday.

Cards To Suit Everyone  

Many greeting card companies understand that relationships - and people - are complicated. So, their big selling proposition for the Valentine’s Day holiday is that you can find the perfect card for your situation or person.   


The British company Thortful shows they offer a “card for every kind of Valentine” in a playful and unique way.


Another online greeting card site from the UK brings you the perfect card with personalization by adding your own photos and messages. Their campaign grabs your attention by using their endearing pig mascot. Who can resist?


Expanding the “we’ve got a card for everyone” idea, the dating app OKCupid got into the Valentine’s Day card business with the launch in 2021 of cards designed to be “relationship diverse”.  

The cards represent the many kinds of users of the app, celebrating all types of relationships. There are cards for friendships to long-term couples, two people to polyamourous relationships, of all ethnicities, sexualities and gender-identities. OkCupid partnered with a diverse group of inspiring artists, including BIPOC and LGBTQ  to create these inclusive digital Valentine’s Day cards.  

Dont-Put-a-Label-1024x740 Gender-Fluid-OkCupid-Card-1-1024x635 Meaningless-Sex-okcupid-greeting-cards-2021-1024x576

Unique Cards That Sell Themselves

Some card companies create such unusual and captivating cards that their marketing simply shows the product. No need to be clever or cutesy - their cards say it all.


Quilling Card

Quilling Card is one of the top greeting card companies in the U.S.  Their cards feature quilling, an art form that creates decorative designs by using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together.  Once again, their marketing is nothing fancy. It’s all about the product - works of art made with quilling techniques. 

Both Cheesy and Thought-Provoking Ads from the Big Guys

American Greeting Cards

As an industry leader in the U.S., American Greeting Cards is not beyond dialing up the cheese factor to get eyeballs, as evidenced in this 2015 campaign promoting a personalized greeting card from Michael Bolton.

Showing they can also dig deep, American Greeting Cards’ 2018 Valentine’s campaign focused on the theme of communication, in many relationships, romantic and otherwise. 


Sometimes, flowers say it best.


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