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7 Examples of Successful College Marketing Videos

Go with what you know.  That can be said about the best college marketing videos. Universities and colleges often use video to attract the attention of prospective students - and there are a lot out there.  While nothing beats a campus tour, videos are a great way to sell the school – not only the campus and academic offerings, but as important, the culture and ambiance of a place.  

1) This video from Harvard shows off the school’s variety of options as well as diverse student body by following individual students.


2) But to highlight its Ivy League standing, they also have one that evokes the school’s rich history and academic excellence.


3) This Yale college marketing video gives off the antithesis of the stodgy Ivy League impression.  Produced by undergraduate students, it is quirky and fun showing off the school through an innovative musical approach.


4) Stanford University’s college marketing video reflects what one of the interviewees says early on: a special blend of intellectualism and irreverence.  It does this by focusing on intellectual, yet unique students and teachers such as the student who started the school’s Quidditch team or a bioengineering student who is a dancer.


5) Another impressive video is the Cleveland Institute of Art that highlights the selling features of the school through illustration. 


6) Sometimes in the effort to show culture, a college video can go too far.  Take this off-putting “rap “video from the University of Rochester.


7) Occasionally, a college can get a boost from an “unofficial” video like this popular one from a fraternity at Transylvania University doing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

Whether earnest or offbeat, the most effective college promotional videos offer a mix of information about the lives of current students and the school’s offerings that demonstrate the character and culture of the school and what its students and life there might be like.

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