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10 Public Relations Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed by Reporters

Public relations is often overlooked by small businesses or organizations as a great way to get the word out about your product, service or mission, especially locally. Reporters are always searching for stories that their audience wants to read about, hear about or watch. All it takes is a good story that’s worth writing about. Here are a few story ideas to get you thinking about what your company might have to publicize.

  • Something new: new and or innovative products/services, new location opening, renovations – especially if it has any local angle
  • Any presentations, speaking engagements, sponsorships someone from the company is involved in
  • Trends – whatever industry is, publicize any trends you see with customers or piggyback on larger national trend story in your industry (especially if these can be backed up by numbers for your area)
  • Attaching your company’s expertise, product or service to whatever news stories have recently been bouncing around, or going viral, in the media world. Be the expert who can speak on this.
  • Partnerships (of any kind) with any other business/especially a local business
  • Awards, commendations, recognition given to company or personnel
  • Anniversaries of company-related things
  • Event/Celebrity news – Events, lectures, personal appearances by celebrities/notables at events, etc.
  • Human interest story – for example an employee does something interesting/unusual, or reaches some kind of milestone, your company does something for an area charity, three generations of a family now shops at your store when the youngest son buys first something there, etc.
  • Staffing -promotions, new hires, changes in staff duties

So get those creative PR juices flowing. You may be surprised at the attention you’ll get.


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