58% of marketers are focusing more on their marketing campaigns compared to last year. How do you make sure this focus pays off?

You need to make sure you are maximizing conversions and click through rates with every email you send.

To help you make every email effective, we've put together a deep dive into the 12 components of a five-star email. In it, you'll find a one-page printout that you can reference when you craft your emails.

Grab your free guide + printout to the right, and start optimizing those emails!

Highlights in this eBook:

  • A Clear, Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Line
  • Actual Person as the Sender
  • Company Branding
  • Personalized Content
  • Appropriate Segment
  • Value Proposition and Context
  • Obvious, Focused Call-to-Action
  • Relevant Image
  • Social Sharing Buttons/Links
  • Secondary Call-to-Action

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